These weekend retreats are a boutique and personalized experience at a small and private retreat centre in carefully selected locations.  It is an opportunity to step away from daily life and over 3 days have a wow experience. Numbers kept to 12 only to ensure personalized attention.

Weekend includes cosy accommodation, healthy meals with menu designed to suit theme, specialized activities, massage, informative and fun seminars and time to relax.

Replenish and Revive  
With Linda Franke 
Experience a weekend of Restorative yoga in the beautiful Northern rivers region of NSW.

Dear Linda, 
thank-you so much for an amazing retreat on Joy.  I felt so nurtured by your team which certainly helped us embrace the joy – I always learn so much from you and appreciate how you share your wisdom and compassionate experiences with us.  A very experiential experience,         
love & joy Kerry. (Art therapist, Gold Coast)
Linda, this retreat was amazing.  
It is such a restful place. The content 
is challenging and informative, the 
pilates and yoga, great. 
 The whole idea of ‘cultivating joy’ is terrific.             We’ll be back, 
love Kay  (CEO Melbourne)
Dearest Linda, thank-you so much for an amazing weekend.  We got so much out of it.  You are a God send….  You are amazing!  We have definitely cultivated some joy and have the tools to continue,

Jen & Dan 
(Beauty therapist and Executive Gold Coast)
Fats, Feelings & Flavours
Life-changing, didn’t want it to stop, wonderful food, will definitely be taking up Pilates, awesome massage. Phenomenal seminars, please do more. 

Trish (P.A. Gold Coast)
Food was terrific and fitted so well with the topic. Seminars always excellent, engaging and learn lots.  Caroline was so informative, in  a wonderful humourous way.  Absolutely fabulous weekend, please, please do level 2.  

Kay (Business Coach Melbourne)
Very relaxed, nurturing,  insightful weekend. Food was excellent, massage was excellent, Very insightful, would love more.  

Fleur (Sydney)

I would like to take the opportunity to say how much I thoroughly
enjoyed the Nurture Nature retreat that Linda Franke organizes and conducts. 

I cannot explain in words how much I benefited from her
retreats. The knowledge I have gained from Linda is paramount. 

She has changed my life in terms of how's I now view things and how i was able to change my mind set. I am so grateful to have met her and I will never forget everything she has taught me. I now have the tools to finally be on my way to experiencing a more fulfilling journey, stiller mind and more balanced life!

Jennifer Hubbard