Transformational Therapy Session
Through the process of Counselling, Body Psychotherapy and restorative exercises, Linda will guide you on a process of reclaiming your sense of Self.  This session addresses old patterns of behaviour and repeated circumstances that may be affecting your ability to feel joy in life. By exploring these areas that block life-force we have the opportunity to open the space for  a deeper connection to Self and others.
80 mins - $100/hr
Interstate Sessions - $150/hr


"Many times we realise we are living in a superficial state of consciousness, Life A where we plod along taking everything for granted and complaining about the smallest detail.  We only see what lies on top yet underneath is a world of depth and meaning. The way to this is often through suffering and naturally we are reluctant to enter this world. Fear takes us in to distraction, addictions and emptiness.

To live Life B we must let go of the fear and surrender to the feeling of this moment. Painful or joyful, we may see the world through the eyes of a  child, with wonder and trust. To notice the shades of nature, the glint of tears, the sweetness of song, the depth of sorrow above and within the chaos of our dualistic world. Looking past the layers of Illusion there is true meaning in Life.

Take my hand and we will go there together."

Linda B
Private Clinic Currumbin - Tuesdays/Thursdays 9am - 4pm
After hours and Saturday by appointment
On Site Monday/Wednesday Camp Eden Health Retreat
By request only at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat
Monthly at Brighton Clinic  - Brighton Beach Chiropractic Centre

Body Majic Session
This is a combination of dynamic Psychotherapy followed by Kahuna massage and a full body energy healing.  An opportunity to address self- esteem issues and release stuck energy through the body/mind.
110 mins - $90/hr
Relationship Mediation
For couples who require some intervention or guidance in moving forward.  Relationships can get stuck in patterns of behaviour and communication becomes confused and blame orientated. With gentle understanding of the deeper issues and origin of pain pathways awareness can become clearer and new opportunities for change arise.
Min of 90 mins $120/hr
Interstate Price - $180/hr
Family Mediation
Sometimes the family can use a mediator to unglue the web of conflict restricting joy and understanding in a family dynamic. It may be one member challenged by life or a series of events where it is hard to establish equilibrium.  Mediation can unravel conflict and open space for forgiveness and potential.
120 minutes - $130/hr 
Interstate sessions @ $200/hr
Kahuna Massage
Kahuna is a Hawaiian, Ancient Temple style massage which is intimate and healing.  The long strokes invoke an awakening in the body at a cellular level.  Mette’s  Institute involves a high level of training in Huna Philosophy and Polynesian Healing systems which makes this massage one of the most healing and nurturing body/mind experiences.
90 minutes - $80/hr
Energy Healing
After four years of training in Energy Healing, Linda can work with Limbic memory, contacting the energetic cellular imprint from early beliefs.  Chakra balancing and energetic movement of stuck areas in the energy field create a better flow of life-force and clearer thinking.
This is a relaxing experience where the client feels calm and more centred afterwards.
30 minutes - $80/hr
Interstate Sessions - $120/hr